Vnet HD Wireless

This media player is ideal for locations that need wireless connectivity. All media players are pre-loaded with the VUKUNET software, configured, and tested before it goes out the door.

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These Vnet Players open up your network to a national advertising portal. Turn your network into a money making machine with Vnet Players.

VUKUNET Vnet Players


2 Year Warranty on VUKUNET Vnet Players

2 Year Warranty

These players are built to last and to prove it we are offering a 2 year gurantee. If something happens, send us the player, and we will send you a new one right away. Now that is a warranty program you can count on.

Digital Signage Media Players for VUKUNET

How it Works?

Vnet Players make it very easy to set up, run, and earn money on your digital signage network.

1. Sign up your network with VUKUNET

2. Purchase a Vnet Player

3. Hook the Vnet Player up to your screen

4. Add the location to VUKUNET

5. Deploy content

6. Set your price for ads and earn a percentage of the revenue

Once your location is setup on VUKUNET, potential advertisers will have the opportunity to purchase spots on your screen. The ads are facilitated through VUKUNET and payments are made to networks monthly.

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Digital Signage Network

Already have an ad based digital signage network?

Let us help you fill those unsold spots. VUKUNET works with any PC based digital signage software and is a great compliment to your existing screens. For your existing locations, a Vnet player is not needed. When you are ready to expand your network, Vnet players are the easiest and most affordable way to do so.


Vnet Players use the power of VUKUNET to deliver a highly effective and affordable solution to run your ad based digital signage network.

  • Earn additional revenue
  • Exposure to national advertisers
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    NEC announces VUKUNET

    NEC is revolutonizing the way people advertise in the digital signage market. NEC is solving the biggest problem in the market today: fragmentation of networks. By creating a central ad marketplace NEC is able to draw the attention of national advertisers and therefore increase the value of digital signage networks across the nation.